Keeping you healthier & happier    



Highest Mission: Always working with various contracting professionals to combine with my best expertise to develop the optimum personalized high-quality of dietary supplements and medicinal food supplements for your need.


Ultimate Goal: Keeping you healthier and happier for improving your wellness in the different stages of your life while always protecting the environment.


As a founder of WellEx Health Solutions Inc. as well as a a professional pharmacy doctor and an experienced licensed pharmacist in California, our company always believes that the nutrients contained in the organic plants are the gifts of the natures. Therefore, we only use non-contaminated or organic ingredients and extract the essence of those to produce our health dietary products. To achieve the standards of FDA GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), every single product, including the initial ingredients as well as the final product, is tested and assessed by different experts. Hence, our high-quality products are trustworthy.